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Chris Jones

Chris, co-founder of BackroadVentures, grew up in the woods of Southern New Hampshire where he met his wife Kayla. 

He spent much of that time racing dirt bikes, hiking, and fishing. After graduating with a Bachelors in Environmental Science, he and Kayla moved to Austin Texas where they lived for 7 years. 

They are now back in New England with their daughter, Colette, and son, Theodore. Chris enjoys fly fishing, hunting, hiking, backpacking and off-road travel. 

His passion for the natural world drives his desire to share outdoor experiences with others.

Danan Coleman

Danan, co-founder of The Adventure Log, born and raised in Southern California his teenage years were spent at In-n-Out Burger, Starbucks, surfing, driving trails in the mountains, camping and dirt biking in the deserts of California.

As a young adult he graduated top of his class as a master Jaguar technician and got a job in sales having nothing at all to do with cars… Having moved to Florida, his outdoor activity moved to the water, because Florida is oppressively humid…

After a debilitating and life-changing accident in 2010 he decided to change his life and start doing the things he REALLY loved, which was adventures of any sort, traveling, camping and off highway shenanigans.

He married the woman of his dreams and they now have a beautiful daughter together and he now spends his time with his family and playing outdoors.

Sean "Hank" Haney

Hank, is the founder of Empire State Overland, a local resource for overlanders and off road adventure drivers lining in and around New York State

He is a lover of all things outdoors, whether he is camping, fishing, kayaking, hunting, hiking or overlanding his FJ Cruiser, he is happy.

Hank is also the US East Region Director for Overland Bound and the Co-Founder of The Adventure Log.

Hank and his wife live in Central New York with their two dogs and two cats

Brad Self

Whether you are new to the lifestyle or a seasoned overlander, Hi-Vis Overland has the high quality gear you need to stay safe and seen when on the trail. Our gear is designed and built to withstand the tests of your “bucket List” type trails!
Our mission is to provide the most affordable gear with the highest possible quality for the hard working blue collars out there! Stand out where it counts!





Ed Fermin

NE-OVEX started as a group of explorers who genuinely love the great outdoors and traveling off the beaten path. Their trips heavily emphasize the journey, rather than the destination. After ten years of trips and countless miles with many people, a theme emerged. A high percentage of folks lacked the basics when it came to off-road driving and recover. There was a clear need for specialized training in all areas regarding the safe use of your ORV, Overland Travel, Convoy Touring and Ham Communications. Out of this, NE-OVEX LLC was born.