Camping and Long Distance Travel

Camping and Long Distance Travel

I’ve just arrived home from 44 days traveling the US in my truck. This isn’t the first time I’ve done something like this, and it’s certainly not the last! Some of the trip my family was with me, some of it I had a passenger, most of it I was alone.

Each time I go on a trip of this length, I learn a few things:
1. What I can change to be more efficient.
2. What I can do to reduce the amount of stuff I take.
3. How better to pack.

So let’s start with efficiency:
Pack modularly, by subject, frequency of use & in order of what is needed first.
For instance, when I arrive at camp, I usually want to get my tent, bedding and lighting (if I’m using any) set up first. Then I want my kitchen set up. So I have my camping equipment all together and immediately available. I’ve even got my tent packed up by what needs to come out first (meaning the rain fly is packed in the bottom. I have all of my have food items packed next, and within reach quick reach so that I don’t have to climb into the back of the truck .

Next… Reduction of STUFF:
Realistically the only way to reduce how much you carry is to go out and figure out what you don’t need. But when I was on the Trans America Trail (on a motorcycle), I had to reduce the size of everything I had so that I could carry it, and I STILL shipped home like 20 liters worth of stuff! So my advice is this: when possible, get the lightest/smallest of each thing you need (without sacrificing your desired level of convenience).

Pack More Better-er!
You will find many spaces in your vehicle that you can use to pack things that you don’t need on a regular immediate basis. Make use of that space and put things there! Consider buying yourself a 12 volt refrigerator. I had one for the first time

By the time I got a week or two into my trip, I realized I’d taken more than I needed and that I can reduce my items need even further. I’m always improving my packing system and reducing the amount of stuff I’ve got. Otherwise you’ll just keep filling up the space with stuff you don’t need!

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