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Driving & Recovery

When S*** Hits the Fan: The Importance of Driver and Vehicle Preparedness.

We’ve all heard the joke “Lights before lockers.” It’s funny, and a little true. But a lot of folks haven’t stopped to think about the more serious side of it. Yeah, lights are important, especially when you do a lot of driving after dark. But let’s be honest, lights wont get you out of a hole, or make up for a lack of experience. Maybe your money is better spent on other things… Maybe…

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Backcountry Destinations

Way-Point Wednesday: Ruby Point, GCNP

This is why so many Mountain Bikers, Adventure Riders, and Overlanders flock to the North Rim. It’s quiet, wild, almost untouched and there are NO tourist hoards to fight your way through to get a view. But what if I told you, you could have that same experience on the south rim? And likely not see another person or vehicle during your trip…

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Way-Point Wednesday: Cape Breton Island

Cape Brenton Island, where you will find the famous Cabot Trail. This is a bucket list location for the adventure seeker in you. It’s the perfect location for kayaking, hiking, cycling, adv/dual sport riding and whale watching.

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General Adventure Talk

What to Do When You’re Not Overlanding

If you happen to look, there are several articles out there that attempt to define “overlanding” to the general public and explain how it is not just fancy car camping. Personally, I have little issue with car camping because it is damned convenient and easy, but most outdoorsy types think otherwise. Therefore, such definitions often stress that “true” overlanding involves…

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3rd Annual Patriot Rendezvous

Some of our veterans broke down barriers, some realized they didn’t have to act tough and some figured out that they had deployed together as members of the same unit. So much Patriot Therapy happened at the True Patriot Rendezvous.

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